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About our Software.

Every project begins with the same question. How can we simplify a given problem by introducing an automated solution?

As it turns out, automation can be applied to any problem. Determining whether the solution is cost effective is the deciding factor in figuring out if automation should be pursued.

Our software automates and simplifies everyday tasks so that our customers can use their time more efficiently.

We pride ourselves in knowing that our software helps tens of thousands of people accomplish everyday tasks with ease and maximum efficiency.


Our recent projects are listed below, in order of release date. It is not uncommon for us to sell complete software rights to larger companies so that we can focus our efforts on development and not marketing.

Domain tasting and registration statistics. TasteReports.com - Provides daily updated domain tasting and registration statistics for each registrar. Monitor all domain registrations on each registrar, configure keyword alerts and see what the top tasters are tasting, dropping and keeping with this free and easy to use service.
PremiumDrops.com PremiumDrops.com - Find premium domain names that are about to expire or have already expired. Various metrics, including PageRank, Link Popularity, Type-in Score, Term Rank, Alexa Rank and many others are provided for each domain name to narrow down only the best.
Domain Research Tool - Find. Track. Acquire. Do everything with this all in one domain power tool. From finding quality domains, to tracking and monitoring current domains to sending bulk automated offers, D.R.T. can do it all.
sTypo - Generate mistyped domain names to protect your brand or to find an untapped source of web traffic. The software is also capable of checking availability and is compatible with International overture servers.
Picture Retriever - Recover lost, deleted and even formatted digital pictures and videos from memory cards. Compatible with all cameras and memory cards.
Virtual Domain Manager - Server based software capable of appraising and purchasing domain names as well as negotiating prices. Bulk domain research.
Private project.
Other Projects - Over the past five years Lezon Inc has been involved in over 40 large and small programming projects. Most projects are not listed above due to confidentiality agreements between our customers and us.
Future Projects - Piracy Police - Utilizing the power of hundreds of file servers and patent pending detection and prevention technologies we plan on taking a big bite out of illegal content distribution.