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About Lezon Inc.

Lezon Inc. is a privately owned Chicago based software company in business since 2001.

We specialize in creating software that automates every day tasks and makes our lives simpler and more efficient.

Software is not just our business, it's also our passion. We strive to create the best, most efficient, most versatile and most powerful software every day.

We specialize in domain name software and data mining technologies. Our software trusted by tens of thousands of customers around the world. Our clients include end-users, registrars, domain monetization services, law firms, government agencies, and many others.

We generally do not take outside bids. We create software solutions directly for the end user and our business partners. Our software portfolio can be found here.

Our investments include domain name purchases for the purpose of resale and monetization and technology patents.

There are no open positions at this time, but if you wish to send your resume you may do so by contacting us.