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Latest Project: TasteReports.com

TasteReports.com provides free, daily updated tasting and domain registration reports for each registrar. Keep an eye out on what the top tasters are tasting, dropping and keeping with this free online tool.

About our company.

Lezon Inc. is a privately owned Chicago based software company dedicated to developing unique solutions for end-users and business partners. We specialize in domain name software, services and research technologies.

Some of our widely used products and services include:

- Domain Research Tool - Powerful domain name research and management software.
- PremiumDrops.com - Free lists of premium domain names that are expiring or have expired.
- sTypo - Domain typo generator used by many companies to protect their brand.

Our tools and services are trusted by thousands of customers around the world. Our clients include end-users, registrars, domain monetizaton services, law firms, government agencies and many others.

Learn more about our company by visiting our about page.

Customer Support.

If your credit card statement shows a charge by Lezon Inc. then you have purchased one of our software tools (Domain Research Tool, PremiumDrops, EstiBot). Click here to view our software portfolio or here to contact our sales team.